Winflow Water Oy and its co-operation partners provide a full service chain for the end customers from assessment to turnkey solutions.

With MTB technology an existing WW treatment plant can be upgraded for higher capacity and improved performance. The MTB is typically the most cost effective technology for upgrade of any activated sludge plant. A typical need for upgrade may be improved total nitrogen removal or addition of organic phosphorous removal, and the MTB technology is a powerful tool to achieve these goals. Please contact us for more information.

Our co-operation parners are leading companies in the WW treatment industry who can design and deliver solutions from small to large scale WW treatment plants if Finland and abroad.

We continue expanding our list of co-operation partners in many geographical areas. For co-operation partners, Winflow Water Oy can provide necessary tools for designing the plant and software to be able to offer the most competitive solution for the end customer.

If you believe your company is an industry leader in your area, we look forward to hearing more about you.