Technologies for water treatment and biogas production

Winflow Water Oy develops technologies suitable for waste water treatment and biogas production. We can offer solutions for both improved performance and lower investment compared to traditional technologies.

MTB Multitank Bioreactor (pdf)

Our MTB technology improves the bioreactor performance without specific added chemicals or microbes. The microbes are exposed to environmental changes which improve the biomass activity significantly compared to traditional processes. The essential means for improvement is the controlled biomass circulation within the reactor and results in significant reduction of investment. The MTB technology can be utilized in both aerobic and anaerobic processes and in most types of bioreactors.

The benefits of MTB technology include:

• Most cost efficient implementation of bioreactor
• Better performance for a given reactor size even at varying load
• Energy efficiency
• Fully independent, self-regulated and reliable system- Simple and cost effective upgrade path from most existing plants to utilizing MTB technology

The MTB technology proves a highly competitive solution for nearly all waste water treatment where biological treatment is possible. Very high total nitrogen reduction and biological phosphorous removal combined with excellent organic and solids removal provides a smaller and higher performance solution. The MTB technology can allow cost effective biogas production even at low temperatures, which further simplifies the total system and reduces investment.